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The Italian Connection

VICI Gelateria is a family business. We are southern Italian immigrants and their family who have brought a small piece of Italy here to Canada. The owners have always had a passion for authentic Italian flavours and can remember days in their hometown of Cosenza, Italy when they would travel into town to enjoy the rich flavours of the local gelateria. VICI is the realization of a dream of bringing this tradition to Canada on a most authentic level.



"Veni, Vidi, Vici" Julius Ceasar


You may have noticed the portrait of Julius Ceasar in our logo and trade dress. What is the link between gelato and Julius Ceasar?


Legend has it that great Roman emperors, the likes of Julius Caesar, would send their servants into the mountains to collect snow and ice. Fruits, berries, honey and liqueurs were then added to create delectable sorbets – The First Gelatos. VICI Gelateria & Café continues this artisan tradition.




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Artisan Tradition

While there exist various Gelateria's in Southern Ontario, few produce their gelato using the time honoured traditions of the true Italian artisans. Most gelaterias in the area either buy their products pre-made from others or make them from powdered mixes and other artificial ingredients.


VICI Gelateria and Cafe uses nothing but fresh and natural ingredients in their products. Our gelato is made fresh daily on the premises from scratch. No powdered base mixes here. Our products are made from natural ingredients - milk, cream, water, sugar, eggs, fruit and other natural flavours. We cherish the time honoured techniques of making gelato and the quality and flavour of our product is testament to this tradition.